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Zooco POS is a very useful tool for anyone who has a business that has a lot of direct contact with clients. This application will be a big help in the customer service department.

First of all, it's important to highlight the function that shows you a chart that links each account with all the products that they have purchased.

Each account has a chart, which are found under the sales tab. These are especially useful because you can enter in all your products, mark the specific quantities they want to buy, and finally close out the order.

Using this option, you'll be able to open or close the cash register and print receipts so that you'll have a record of all the purchases made on a given day.

You can also monitor your stock by supervising the products that come in and go out. That way you'll be able to replenish whenever you're missing a certain product.

This tool is compatible with lots of devices, so installing it on your portable device will not be a problem.
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